Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the way to Indonesia!

Tomorrow night I will leave on Korean Airways and stop in Seoul for a few hours to see my friend Rose Jang (aka Rosalyn to her old NYC friends). I'm going to the wedding of a very dear friend of mine, Florian Martigny, in Jakarta and Bali. He's actually a good friend of my boyfriend's, but over the years we've bonded too. Florian's girlfriend/fiancee/soon to be bethrothed, Anastasia Darsono, is a wonderful Indonesian woman; smart, creative, funny, speaks 4 (maybe 5?) languages. Anyway. I'll take pics and hopefully post some here for all to see. The party will be in Bali (of course) and promises to be a great getaway from the impending cold of winter.
Though I'm brown already, I always feel so much better when I get browner!
Tomorrow, before I leave, I have a big day at work at the Chelsea Art Museum. We have a visit from a representative of a major luxury line who supports the arts. I can't say more, but if you hear of anything cool in the future happening in collaboration with a certain French brand, well, you can say you heard it hear first!
My friend, Peter Miller, is having an opening tonight. The dark, gritty, sexy photographs of Bill Henson. I'll be there early, and then I have to meet all my artist friends, Mary Ann Strandell, Wael Nourredine (my favorite - though he hates me to categorize him like this - Lebanese filmmaker who's in NYC for a month), Carlos Mare (NYC native, street artist, sculptor, dad and all around cool guy). It's not going to be a long night, after all I have to pack, but it will be fun-filled. I can feel it!
On another, more somber note, there are less than 21 days before elections. If you haven't registered, well too bad for you, and for the rest of America who may need that vote, but to all the undecideds/independents out there, do us all a favor and pick the better of the two, and I think you all know who I mean.


vanilla said...

dear Nicolette, this is VĂ©ronique again; see i'm the first to comment your test; I'm glad you leave for Bali which will be enjoyable; when you come back to work , tell us more about your art business and the artists. We will be glad to learns news from art world! xo

Unknown said...

I love that I hear of this trip on your blog considering that we came from the same womb! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such is life.
Have fun! Can't wait to hear all the details upon your safe return.
Love you.