Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a month!

I know. I've been out of touch for ages. Not that the art world has stopped turning, but my world stopped turning for awhile. In a way I'm still trying to get things going again. My grandma's been in the hospital a long time and I've felt like I'm in a similar limbo. But everyday I try to drag myself out of apathy, listlessness and the "what does any of it matter anyway?" state of mind. So soon I'll be back. I won't back track as I sometimes do to cover things that have happened over the month, but I'll post current and upcoming info so that my readers can have some fresh squeezed delights. Did I get that "fresh squeezed" thing from somewhere, or should I copyright it? ;)
Here's a sneak peek from an upcoming exhibition at the museum:

Mimmo Rotella. Marilyn Folle. 1963. 138x100 cm. Courtesy of the Chelsea Art Museum.

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