Monday, November 23, 2009

Images by Ji Lee and Words by Clarina Bezzola

Dear Nico!!

It's us who want to thank you for this LOVELY party!!!!!!! So, so, so,so much fun we had!!!!!! The most glorious event of the year!!!!

Yes, let's catch up! I would love to sit down and have a chat! This week is hard though, as I have something every night. How is next week? Are you going to Miami? I am afraid, I am still too wobbly on my legs to withstand an event like that! So I am here!

Ji took some pictures and I send them to you via Perhaps you find some good ones?

So, so much fun this was!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

I send you a big kiss!!!


- Clarina Bezzola, Artist

Clarina is the perfect person to attend my parties. She gets so into the spirit and is always dressed to the nines! These are Ji's pics and you can see Clarina's art here.