Friday, December 11, 2009

Whatever Whenever: W South Beach

One of the owners of this hotel is Mr Rosen of the Lever House and Core Club, NY, so this hotel somehow became the unofficial hot spot of Art Basel Miami Beach. There's art everywhere in the lobby and connecting rooms downstairs, and I mean not just a lot of art but BIG art, big in name, size and price tag. Everyone who could squeeze themselves onto a table had dinner at Mr. Chow there, and everyone who could book a party did so too.

Patti Smith performed at Robert Miller Gallery's warehouse space then I went to the party after the dinner at the W on Thursday night that included some people from the concert, like Calvin Klein. I'll do some name dropping as I decided to take a break from the paparazzi role and abstained from picture taking. Of course Mr. Rosen was there, talking to the other big NYC developer, Andre Balazs. Then there was Naomi Campbell with her Russian boyfriend, LG and Steve Cohen, and thanks to Tico M who helped wrangle my friends into the party with me. Tico's always so sweet and I wonder how he's still not married. Val Kilmer was there too and some other random collectors from NYC and abroad.

Everyone went to the Wall, the club in the W, after, but I couldn't do another night out.

I took this picture of an artist's installation on the water right next to the beach behind the W. It's a Cuban artist, I forget the name, but it was on the cover of the Art Basel Miami Beach magazine too.

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