Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Luca Maroni Presents Sensofwine: Italian Wines at Cipriani

There was a lot of Italian wines flowing in NYC in February with the Waldorf Astoria and Cipriani 42nd Street as sites of tastings of wines from all over Italy.
Wine Emporium presented three top grade wines; a nero d'avola (Kuddia del Moro), a syrah-grenache (Kuddia de Ze) and a sweet wine (Abraxas) made from the Zibibbo grape (moscatello d'Alessandria). These were a highlight of the tasting for me though there were many other good ones too.
Vincenzo Aliani very graciously served me way too much wine for a tasting, but it was good nonetheless, originating from Umbria.
Terre de Trinci put out a good showing as well with wines from Umbria. The Ugolino was to die for, and not expensive at all.

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