Friday, July 2, 2010

Stash and Castello di Montecalvello

Stash was so kind as to show us around his family's home in Lazio, Castello di Montecalvello. Restored by Stash's father, Count Balthus Klossowski de Rola, the castle is beautifully maintained and still evolving. From the "Let It Be" electric guitar that Stash uses in his music studio, to the studio of Balthus that still has canvases on easels and a table where the artist worked, the castle offers the lucky recipient of a tour, a look into the present seen through the lens of the past. Charming, tall and handsome, when Stash smiles and looks off in a certain direction the sharp cheekbones and the shape of his nose in profile are a mirror image of his father.