Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week in Review

Energetically I just was a little out of it this week. I went to a few openings in Chelsea - Richard Tuttle at Pace Wildenstein and Theresa Byrnes - but the real big deal were private meetings which I had with e.g. an artist in residence at Eyebeam, Reid Farrington. I liked what he was doing with peformance, technology and film.

Today I'm going to do a studio visit with Kristin Anderson, Danny Licul's girlfriend. She will do an exhibition with me in Trinidad in May, during their fashion week. I spoke to Jackie Hinkson too, the Trinidadian painter, to ask him to meet me again in April.

Other than those developments, Friday night we had dinner at Ilili, the upscale Lebanese restaurant on 5th Avenue. It was delicious. Drank Arak. The owner, Phillipe, sponsored the dinner for our opening in November at the museum. My Korean American girlfriend Rosalyn is in town and we went out after dinner on Friday, to Apotheke. Saturday had dinner at Indochine with some of Serge's friends after a whole day of doing nothing and just chilling out in the house. So fun to do nothing sometimes!

Next week I'm going to the Winter Music Conference in Miami which I'm quite excited about as I haven't been to it in years.

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