Friday, March 6, 2009

The North Coast and Mt Plaisir

So when the fetes started it's safe to say the blog stopped. Priorities, of course. Here are some images from a fete in Salybia, on the north coast of Trinidad. That night, after the fete, I went with my family to Piero's place in Grande Riviere called Mt. Plaisir. It is a true paradise of a place. Turtles nest on that beach during turtle nesting season. Piero used to be a photographer and now he has this eco resort. Up in the mountains the Earth People formed a commune in the 70s. Jackatan (hope I spelled his name right) lives in the forest still with his family and wife. They know all about the healing properties of the plants. Jackatan is the rasta and Piero is obviously the Italian. The first pics are of Mt. Plaisir and the beach and river around it.

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