Monday, April 29, 2013

The Kin: Growing Better Every Year

I've known these two brothers who make up The Kin for a long time; not since they were born, but since Thorry taught me to play the basics of the guitar and since Isaac's mum (Thorry's too of course) Madeleine, did my tarot cards back in the day when I would come over to her apartment in Soho, and had discovered (to my wonder) that my guitar's teacher's mum was the hot blonde woman who I had seen for years around the neighborhood.
The Kin is a partners-in-crime collaboration between Aussie brothers, Thorald and Isaac Koren, and New York drummer Shakerleg.
Well when you know the mum you understand how these sweet young men have a steely core, which reflects itself in great music, both lyrically and melodically. You just have to go hear them, next time they're playing in a town near you!

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