Monday, May 6, 2013

Polo Party outside Hamburg @ Gut Basthorst

We (remains anonymous) were invited for the weekend to a polo party outside Hamburg at Eno's Gut Basthorst estate. It was loads of fun with old art, old cars, old guns, and young friends :)
Violin playing and singing after dinner on Friday :)

Exiting Polo Match via 1959 Bentley convertible :)

Well dressed twins at polo

1969 Alfa Romeo Convertible with NYC Girls

Going off to the park to the see the wild animals, though doesn't seem we had to go far!

Girl with Gun (Blowdryer)

Me at the small lake at the cottage in the park

Girl with Gun 1889 Smith & Weston, pure silver revolver. Anti-gun campaign poster?

Vintage Harley Davidson. Love everything vintage!!!

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