Wednesday, December 10, 2008

La Sandwicherie on Miami Beach

Follow the link. I went there everyday while I was in Miami, for breakfast mostly but sometimes for lunch. It is the most fun and cozy place with delicious stuff to put in your mouth; from smoothies to sandwiches, to coffees and croissants. Adding to the overall ambiance is the riveting presence of one of the owners, Olivier. With his warm charm and groovy French accent, girls and guys return for that oh so good sandwich! Once he suggested that I returned to see him and I answered "50-50" meaning I returned 50% to see him and 50% to eat something good that would sustain me until dinner which was on most days, hours away from that early morning rendezvous. I'd been coming to this little spot for years but this year something special happened when I woke up the first morning at the condo where I was staying and there was nothing in the house to eat. I looked online for deliveries and called Jerry's Deli and La Sandwicherie, both of which didn't deliver until 9, so I just got myself out of the house and into a cab and took it to the place I remembered and liked.

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