Friday, December 12, 2008


It's been a long week of lying in bed and drinking Theraflu and sleeping and sweating and coughing. Not sexy at all, according to my boyfriend, but thank God he loves me so it doesn't really matter. I've had the intention to go out and do some things the last few days but every evening around six my body starts rebelling and acting all achy and congested and I'm forced to comply by going home and resting. But this morning I feel my normal energy level coming back. The sun is peeking out after days of rain as well, and sunlight always makes me smile, like a flower opens up under the sun's rays. So today I have lunch at Cookshop with a new friend I hung out with in Miami. He's a photographer new to NYC and I'm going to help him connect to some people who may be able to help him get a footing here.

He came out the last night with me in Miami and it was loads of fun with the group we had and gathered around us. It doesn't hurt that he's a former fashion model and that girls and guys look twice when he enters a room.

In Miami we all ended up at the Art Basel Miami version of Le Baron every night. Le Baron is a club in Paris that used to be a bordello. The guys from there (Samuel and Benjamin) do something every year in a different location in Miami Beach during Art Basel. This year it was at the Florida Room at the Delano. I think I remember (go figure as it could be another night or some other place) seeing Mark Ronson there Saturday night. He wasn't djing, just sort of sitting around. He had dj'ed the Vanity Fair party at the Raleigh the night before though, which after awhile felt like you were at a Miami version of Beatrice Inn, sans the heroiny looking male and female modelesque types.

Needless to say the parties at Le Baron during Art Basel are fun and funny and go on till all hours of the morning. What's even funnier is to actually put some names to these pics: first one a dealer, first name Thorsten; second, one of the directors of Art Basel, first name Marc; third one me and Eric, Curator of the Andy Warhol Museum; fourth one photographer, first name Wyatt; fifth one crazy French guys (one wearing a leather SandM collar); Sebastian and David!

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