Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wish I were there

If you click the title above it'll take you to some pics Paul Laster took at the MoMa opening for Marlene Dumas on Flavorwire, the daily dose of Flavorpill if weekly wasn't enough for you. Wish I were there. I love her work. Anyways, I was still recovering last Monday so no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't get out of bed.
Instead, art came to me the other day while I was at work. Across from the Chelsea Art Museum a group of 20 0r so people dressed in head to toe white proceeded to wrap the building of the gallery and the trees of the sidewalk in white rope. Bizarre perhaps but as close to art as I got this week without having to physically go anywhere.
Seems like galleries are closing doors this season; I got an email from 31 Grand saying so and there are rumors about some other high profile LES gallery shutting down, and one other on Canal Street. Not surprising, or sad, just a sign of the times I guess.
I ran into Tod Eberle and Jeremy Kost on the way to the Gagosian Xmas party. I wonder how that enterprise is doing...I think it's pretty safe to think that some of Ponzi Boy's (Bernard Madoff) clients might have been clients of Mr. G. It's not far fetched and a small world in fact.
Yesterday I went to a Xmas party at Christian Scheiderman. He's the owner of Contemporary Conservation. I love going to his office because there are always wonderful works of art you can get close too. Yesterday there were three Joseph Albers, a Murakami LV painting, a sculpture by Paul Mc Carthy, a painting by Rudolph Stingel and some other random works scattered around. There was a nice mix of artists, gallerists and collectors. I had a good talk with Jean Miotte, who though he is over 80 and not always in top form, was really able to converse with me in English. I could see how in his time he would have been a force to reckon with, and quite a character in his circle of artists.
Tonight, more Xmas parties; Serge Becker's having one in the back room of Cafe Select. And my friend Anthoula is doing the last of her OLU parties before going to Crete for the next 3 months. She doesn't like people to take pics at her parties but I'll try.

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