Thursday, September 24, 2009

Final Summer Soiree To Celebrate the Seasons!

Come join us on the roof top of the Chelsea Art Museum, overlooking the Hudson River for the final Summer Soiree: We're Not Fallin' For Fall Party!
It's gonna be a blast!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a month!

I know. I've been out of touch for ages. Not that the art world has stopped turning, but my world stopped turning for awhile. In a way I'm still trying to get things going again. My grandma's been in the hospital a long time and I've felt like I'm in a similar limbo. But everyday I try to drag myself out of apathy, listlessness and the "what does any of it matter anyway?" state of mind. So soon I'll be back. I won't back track as I sometimes do to cover things that have happened over the month, but I'll post current and upcoming info so that my readers can have some fresh squeezed delights. Did I get that "fresh squeezed" thing from somewhere, or should I copyright it? ;)
Here's a sneak peek from an upcoming exhibition at the museum:

Mimmo Rotella. Marilyn Folle. 1963. 138x100 cm. Courtesy of the Chelsea Art Museum.