Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paris, encore

Last night we did the tourist thing and went to Le Closerie des Lilas in Montparnasse. It was fun, with the three of us, and Eric, who the girls thought was so sweet. I forgot my camera so no pics, sorry.

It was funny because earlier in the day I had run into Peter Miller and his friend Debbie near L'Opera. I was in a taxi, returning to my apartment on rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, from an appointment with a French gentleman who had come to me at the museum one day, referred he said, by someone at the French Consulate. He has an artist's colony in the south west of France and would like to find a platform for showing his artists in galleries and museums.

Before that I had had lunch at Le Mediteranee, across from the theatre.

Jennifer and her cousin Viviana arrived the day before me so last night they were with me, and today too. We went to the flea market near rue de Bretagne and bought random stuff, looking longingly at the wonderful offering available for the home, if we were ready to arrange shipping...

Tomorrow we leave for Venice, and we're all super excited about it!

There was a wedding outside my apartment this morning and I took a couple pics of the chic Parisiens attending.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Art at Cafe Select

Last night was loads of fun. The Happening certainly happened as a load of people showed up and kept the place packed from 7 pm onwards. I left around midnight and it was still going strong. Ditte Gantriis and Seth seemed happy too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happening Happening Tomorrow Night!

Memorial Day Weekend

Rob took us on his boat to Sunset Beach and later back at his house his mum cooked us a fabulous dinner. We danced while Rob and Simon spinned vinyl, then went to a club in the neighborhood.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Our house is on Mill Pond Lane so we have a great view over the water. Though it was a bit chilly in the morning and eve we managed to get some sun in. A great lunch outdoors and then evening drinks at friends of Simon's in South Hampton. Tonight, well, we'll soon see...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Come to Cafe Select Next Wednesday!

All the way through the restaurant, and the kitchen, to the back room...

The Venice Biennale

It's amazing how many people are asking me to help them get preview passes to the Biennale. Me, that is, who doesn't even have professional accreditation for myself! Not sure what logic they're working with but I'm pretty sure if they're like me they'll be fine when they get there. This year I'm taking a day off to lie on the beaches of the Lido. Every Biennale I say I'm going to go there but always have a million and 1 other things to do, but this time, an Italian dealer suggested we go for a day before all the madness begins and I already enlisted the Columbians sharing with me to join us. They, like me, adore the sun.

Art at the Soho Grand and Powarts

I was lazy and didn't take pics this week at this opening but it was fun as it was warm and you could go from the lounge in the Soho Grand to the Garden below. I had gone first to a lecture for Powarts; Professional Organization of Women in the Arts and it was, as always, so good to touch base on a one and one basis, with some of the coolest girls in the art world, coming from both the for profit and non profit side of things. It's always good when people start talking openly about important issues like money, how women achieve success in a given field, sex, and other topics which have for so long been taboo in polite society. This evening Helen Kim gave a lecture on managing your finances, or "your money relationship", and we had beer and pizza from Lasso.

Monday, May 18, 2009

ICFF Winners Circle

Coverings Etc. won the prize for best materials at the ICFF. They have materials that are made of glass, metal parts from planes, and some other materials. It's all part of what I've learned is called "cradle to cradle" recyclable materials. Apparently people like it. Shadi, from Trak Kit, and Ofer, from Coverings Etc., seemed to have a lot to say. Ofer is also interested in art and that's a point of interest for all of us.

From the ICFF Press Release:
"The much-anticipated 2009 ICFF Editors Awards were bestowed on best-of-show products in a total of 16 categories. The ICFF Editors Awards Ceremony took place during the 21st annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) last night at the ICFF Exhibitors Reception at New York City's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. This year's ICFF Editors Awards Committee: Anniina Koivu of Abitare, Rita Catinella Orrell of Architectural Record, Catherine Osborne of Azure, Stefano Casciani of Domus, Sam Grawe of Dwell, Karen D. Singh of Interior Design, Gilda Bojardi of Interni, Chantal Hamaide of Intramuros, Susan S. Szenasy of Metropolis, Arlene Hirst of Metropolitan Home."

Fatty Crab

I love this restaurant. Like my friend said, the guys who work there are relaxed and fun, but efficient. I love the music, which changes in genre from time to time, but is always good; makes you want to eat and dance! I always end up there on a Sunday, not sure why, and if there's any fatty crab left, I order it! It's a helluva messy endeavor, but everyone knows that some of the greatest pleasures in life make you oh so messy!

Design Week Continues

Ecologico presented a line of furniture with sustainability in mind at the Chelsea Art Museum yesterday. The link in the title takes you to their site. Shadi and Federica threw a party for Design Week in their loft. They do this every year and this year was especially fun! Shadi invented the Trak-Kit system.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Design Week in NYC

And there are a load of contemporary designers showing work all over the city. It's worth checking out the website that links from the title of this post. Yesterday we checked out the Surface Magazine Valcucine party in Soho.