Friday, March 18, 2011

3 New Exhibitions By Beez And Honey in Trinidad

Beez and Honey Presents Three New Exhibitions

A solo exhibition of 3D Lenticular Prints by American Mary Ann Strandell
A Performance and Prints by Trinidadian Ryan Stollmeyer
A Group Exhibition entitled “The Garage Sale”

Saturday March 26, 2011

"Monkey Campfire", 10" x 10", Lenticular print media, 2008, edit. 1/10 II

Beez and Honey is pleased to present a solo exhibition of 3D Lenticular Prints by American Mary Ann Strandell.  Mary Ann Strandell is a painter of note who has exhibited widely in art galleries, museums, art spaces, and art fairs. Her works are a movable terrain between image, media, and their myriad histories.  In her paintings she blends utopias from California Moderne and Asian-inspired chinoiserie. The subjects are light, airy canvases of birds, figurines, Modernist architectural  spaces and cosmic chandeliers. Often she’ll use black sumi ink drawing on top of these subjects. In her 3D prints, she plays off of the deep visual complexity of her paintings and adds these elements interspersed in the hyperbolic constructions of 3D lenticular prints. Her work combines these two dense spaces: a traditional studio practice and in the 3D prints, her experimentation with digital technologies and new media. There is something of the Pop Baroque about her work. It is at once contemporary and fresh with a mood of the familiar and of history.   

In 2008 Strandell was awarded a residency at Art Omi International, and a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Fellowship Award.  Some additional awards include the Katherine Van Meter Sadock Lecture Award from Union College, Schenectedy, NY, 2002. In 1996 she was awarded Arts Midwest National Endowment for the Arts Visual Arts Fellowship Award for Painting. She was also awarded the Artworks Fund, Arts Midwest National Endowment for the Arts in 1997, 1998 and 1999. She received a Residency Fellowship at The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, NE (1996). In 2005 she delivered her paper, “Through the Lens, the Viewing Device in Spatially Interactive Work’ at the College Arts Association, and “Kepler’s Delirium” at the Southern Graphics Conference, 2004.

She is collected by the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, Kansas, The Amity Art Foundation, Woodbridge, CT, Time Equities, New York, the De Rosa Preserve, Napa, California, The Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS, The Hallmark Corporate Collection, Kansas CIty MO, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US Sprint Collections, Kansas CIty, MO, Brandes Investments, Del Mar, CA and many others.

Mary Ann Strandell received her MA and MFA at the University of New Mexico, 1993 after a Fellowship at Tamarind Institute, a BFA from the University of South Dakota cum laude, a study abroad program in London and Ireland; she also studied Psychology at Syracuse University, NY.  The most current publication of works can be in seen in "The Sixth Surface",, published in November 2007 by Topo\graphis Press.

Ryan Stollmeyer graduated from Charleston University with a BSc in Marine Biology and worked for several years at Miami Seaquarium while holding down a second job at the Haitian restaurant and art boite Tap Tap. Subsequently, Stollmeyer moved back to Trinidad and Tobago and captained the Challenger, a longline fishing vessel where he first started recording his experiences out at sea in text, film and photographs. After several years Stollmeyer moved onto the Vilco, another fishing vessel, and continued to work on the body of writing he had started on the Challenger.

Stollmeyer Reads From His Epic Collection of Poetry “Once Upon A Time I Was A Dred". Very much like an extempo genius, Stollmeyer can lyricize spontaneously on deep human conflicts, psychological traumas, personal, local and worldwide issues as well as everyday banalities and fun anecdotes about life. Informed by a deep respect for God, or Jah, Nature, especially the sea, plays a big part in Stollmeyer’s sensibilities, and is often referred to in his work.

“The Garage Sale” is a group exhibition of drawings and paintings by Eric Doeringer, Anne Herzog, Lindsey Nobel, Andrew Smith, Trevor St George, and Wyan.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011