Friday, September 30, 2011

Lisa Yuskavage at David Zwirner

Lisa Yuskavage
Oil on linen
Each: 77 1/4 x 70 1/8 inches (196.2 x 178.1 x 3.8 cm)

Why go any deeper when the surface is so pleasing? That's what I asked a skeptic at the opening for Lisa Yuskavage's long awaited exhibition at David Zwirner. I love everything about this painter and her work; the subject matter, the landscape, the art historical references, the palette of colors, the technique of ephemeral-like painting. Indeed she creates a world of heavenly delights. The fact that some of the biggest artists of our time, from John Currin to Chuck Close were at the opening suggest that they too have a great regard for Ms. Yuskavage and her delicious work.

Lisa Yuskavage
Oil on linen
86 x 120 inches (218.4 x 304.8 cm)

Lisa Yuskavage
Afternoon Feeding
Oil on linen
86 x 71 inches (218.4 x 180.3 cm)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Matthew Barney: DJED at Gladstone Gallery

I love the work of Matthew Barney. Always have, and I think always will. Here in a new series called "DJED" Matthew draws inspiration from Norman Mailer's "Ancient Evenings".

From the press release: 
"Ancient Evenings” is a multi-part project structured as a site-specific opera in collaboration with Jonathan Bepler, loosely based on Norman Mailer's 1983 novel of the same title. Set in ancient Egypt, Mailer’s novel chronicles the seven stages of the soul's progression through death and rebirth according to Egyptian mythology, as told through the story of one man. While Mailer's narrative focuses on the transformation of the human body, Barney enacts the recurring cycles of reincarnation through the use of an automobile, creating a contemporary allegory of death and rebirth within the American industrial landscape. The sculptures on view are both formally and conceptually related to the 1967 Chrysler Crown Imperial from Cremaster 3. Revolving around three generations of American automobile design, the "Ancient Evenings" narrative is rooted in the reincarnation of its leading protagonist, the Chrysler Imperial."

Iron, copper, bronze and lead are a departure from Barney's traditional materials, and the RED drawings (unfortunately I don't have an image) are to die for in their particularity.
Until October 22 at Gladstone Gallery 21st Street

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Henrique Oliveira: A Brazilian in Paris at Vallois

Galerie Vallois in St Germain des Pres is one of those few galleries in the neighborhood that show contemporary art, and show it well. Like Kamel Mennour, the artists that I've seen there are all very good at what they are doing, and they do BIG things. Henrique Oliveira is no exception it seems with his twisting and winding root sculptures that break through the floors and ceilings of this space.
Until October 9, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

code 2.0

Launched last October by Laetitia Chauvin and Clément Dirié code 2.0 has made a great come back as an English/French magazine featuring articles about contemporary art. Worth taking a look...

Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature

This museum has been revamped and now includes exhibitions of contemporary art that fits the theme of the hunt and nature. Francoise Petrovitch's drawings, paintings and sculpture fit right into the old world assemblage of taxidermy, weaponry, video and objects around hunting. I wondered though if the artist was commissioned to make these works or chosen because of the subject of her previously existing body of work...

The Seabass at Fondation D'Enterprise Ricard

For the 13th Prix Fondation d'enterprise Ricard a group exhibition of the finalists featuring several works from each artist are on view until October 29th.

Corentin Grossmann, "Lolo Landscape", 2010, crayon de couleur et aérographe sur papier, 145 x 100 cm.

Click here for images from the exhibition.

St Moritz Art Masters 2011

Ten days of art that at first I thought I could do in 2 days. Well I stayed longer, and it was well worth it. All throughout the Engadin, public art works, gallery exhibitions,  cocktails, dinners, parties, artists talks and film were what composed a fun and truly ART filled weekend. Many Swiss artists had their turn in the spotlight and some from other parts of Europe, China, America and Latin America. Curated by Reiner Opoku, the third year of this wonderful festival entitled St Moritz Art Masters or SAM was definitely a highlight of the summer art scene. This year's theme, Lingua Franca - A Public Intervention, was curated by husband and wife duo Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hungerbuehler.


Aliabadi Shirin
Armleder John
Aslanian Vahakn
Baum Jacqueline & Jacob Ursula
Choi Jeong Hwa
Condo George
Diaz Alejandro
Dokoupil Georg
Espina Tomas
Ma Jennifer Wen
Martin Ferran
Marty Urs
Meese Jonathan
Morris Sarah
Netzhammer Yves
Reusse Stephan
Signer Roman
Spinatsch Jules
Stolte Fiete
Turello Amedeo
Wei Li


Gallery Bischofberger
Gallery Cahn
Gallery Caratsch
Gallery Cardenas
Gallery Gmurzynska
Gallery Greve
Gallery Tschudi
Gallery Vann
Gallery von Bartha

Project Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca Long
Lingua Franca Short
Baum Jacqueline & Jacob Ursula
Choi Jeong Hwa
Diaz Alejandro
Espina Tomas
Ma Jennifer Wen
Martin Ferran

Art Collection

Julius Baer Art Collection - Video works
Maybach Foundation