Thursday, September 19, 2013

William Kentridge at Marian Goodman Gallery: A MUST SEE (AND HEAR) EXHIBITION

This was the most exciting exhibition I've seen at the gallery in awhile. Considering the sterile setting the art really jumped out at you because of the sound. Almost everyone in this exhibition had a smile on their face. Collaborating, and giving full credit to those who helped him put this amazing body of work together, Kentridge is going strong and I'm sure, selling out.

Galerie Perrotin arrives with great fanfare in New York City. Finally!

The New York City art world hasn't seen so much fun since, well...since Larry threw a big bash. Thank God Perrotin is in town now. He's somebody who understands the essence of art AND sells it! Gotta love a guy that does good work. Here are some of his artists and his fans having fun at the Russian Tea Room.
Don't miss the exhibition of Paola Pivi at the Madison Avenue and 73rd Street location.

The announcement

The setting, daytime

The art deco decor
Some buddies

Me, Brinkley and the rest of the gang

Maurizio Cattalan was wearing this T-shirt

Fun for all!
Catch your Murakami!

Talking about their winnings in the Carnival

Party time!

Andre Saraiva with an adoring fan

A man and his best friend
The next day: Adding up all the booty from the party...