Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lunch in the garden at Galleria Continua with Kader Attia's mirrored headstones

The scent of gelsomino will forever remind me of Galleria Continua. Outside the walls of the garden are covered in those white flowers. Three friends started the gallery some 20+ years ago, a small modest gallery that showed young artists, student's work. The gallery is now converted into a wine bar and shop where you can sit and taste wines from the region, but you can still see on the walls the things that were used to hang paintings.

Pure inspiration these guys: Lorenzo, Maurizio and Mario (who I didn't meet because he was working in another place in Italy). To know these guys is to love these guys. They don't just have a gallery in San Gimignano; the whole town of San Gimignano is their gallery. It's amazing what they've done there and the happiness they exhibit working with the artists, with their staff, with collectors and with each other is so plain to see.

In the gallery there was a wonderful well that brought something so basic in man's history smack into the 21st Century with technology. I didn't photograph it, by an Italian artist from Milan who lived near the gallery, Loris Cecchini, but it was indeed a beautiful work. Also on view was the wall that protected Daniel Buren's balls in the Palais Royal in the 80s. Chen Zhen's Purification Room was to die for, as was Kader Attia's and Hans Op de Beeck's work. Better exhibitions I seldom see in some contemporary art museums.

There's a permanent installation by Anish Kapoor in the town too, and coming so close to the full moon lunar eclipse it was indeed quite a marvelous site to behold.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vitra Museum

This was one of the first and therefore fun parties. We loved everything except the rain that prevented us from enjoying the outdoors.
Here's a cool video about the architecture:

Kunstmuseum Basel: Gabriel Orozco

Matching Warhol prints! Dress by DvF and tie by who?
The Rosemarie Trockel exhibition was to die for:

Basquiat at Fondation Beyeler

One of the rare days during the fair when it didn't rain. Inside monumental works by Basquiat, outside monumental works by nature and man.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Day in Basel: Cargo Bar!

This was the last night in Basel and perhaps the most fun I had thus far. With me at Cargo Bar were some crazy artists from Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin. Johann, the reason I know these guys, stayed in that night, but I had a great time with Nomad and company.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010



Jun. 09 2010 - Jul. 10 2010

The Rencontres Internationales is now open for entries for its next edition will take place at the Centre Pompidou, and other places in Paris from November 25 to December 4, 2010. The same program will be shown in Madrid in April 2011 and in Berlin in July 2011.

Centre Pompidou
November 25th - December 4th, 2010
On tour in Madrid and Berlin during 2011

Centre Pompidou, Paris

Anthony MacCall: You and I – Horizontal (III) - In Madrid 2010

Almagul Menlibaeva MENLIBAYEVA: Exodus - In Paris 2009

Federico Solmi: Douche Bag City - In Berlin 2010



*** Please feel free to spread around this information ***

The Rencontres Internationales will take place at the Centre Pompidou, and other places in Paris from November 25 to December 4, 2010. The same program will be shown in Madrid in April 2011 and in Berlin in July 2011.

These three events will propose an international programming dedicated to cinema, contemporary video creation and multimedia, gathering works by artists and directors recognized on the international scene along with younger artists and directors.

ALL INDIVIDUALS OR ORGANIZATIONS CAN SUBMIT ON E OR SEVERAL PROPOSALS. THE CALL FOR ENTRIES IS OPEN TO CINEMA, VIDEO AND MULTIMEDIA WORKS, without any restriction of length or genre. All submissions are free, without any limitation of geographical origins.

• FILMS AND VIDEOS - any film and video format
* Video / Experimental video
* Fiction, experimental fiction / Short, middle and full length
* Documentary, experimental documentary
* Experimental film
* Animation

* Video installation, multimedia installation * Net art * Multimedia concert, multimedia performance


You may choose between two types of registration:
• Until July 10, 2010: Entry form to use with regular mail
• Until July 10, 2010: 100% online entry form with video upload

The Rencontres Internationales offer more than just a simple presentation of the works. It introduces an intercultural forum gathering various guests from all over the world - artists and filmmakers, institutions and emerging organizations - to testify to their reflections and their experiences, but also to artistic and cultural contexts that are often undergoing deep changes. The Rencontres Internationales reflect specificities and convergences of artistic practices between new cinema and contemporary art, explore emerging media art practices and their critical purposes, and make possible a necessary time when points of view meet and are exchanged.

The event aims at presenting works to a broad audience, at creating circulations between different art practices and between different audiences, as well as creating new exchanges between artists, filmm akers and professionals. It seeks to contribute to a reflection on our contemporary culture of image via a compelling program opened to everyone.


In 2007, the Rencontres Internationales, which initially took place in Paris and Berlin, opened up to a third city: Madrid. This event now constitutes a unique artistic and cultural platform in Europe for artists, professional networks and various audiences. The venues in the three cities are in particular the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, the Reina Sofia National Museum and the Spanish Cinematheque in Madrid.

This non-commercial and non-competitive event is supported by French, German, Spanish and international organizations: