Sunday, October 26, 2008

More about Bali

The day before the last in Bali I had a Reiki massage. This was more a healing session than an actual physical stimulation of my muscles; though at times I felt my muscles move involuntarily. It was the first time I had Reiki and I must say it was a transformative experience. I think trance is a good way to put it. Deep relaxation. Getting out the negative energy that causes pain and illness and getting in good energy from the Universe. This type of New Age-y thing is right up my alley. I loved it.

Still, I was not completely balanced, nor fully compassionate as I felt I ought to have been, but perhaps this is a process and not possible after only one Reiki session.

There were a surprising, or perhaps not surprising given the rising importance of the South Asian art market and the deep cultural and artistic roots of the island, that there were many people involved in the arts at the wedding. The head of Christies Indonesia, was at the brunch on the beach at Amanusa, and it was a pleasure to learn a little from her about what artists are doing there in Indonesia. I Nyoman Masriadi, Putu S, Bayu W, just to name a few. And there are countless other great artists who are not in the "market." I thought it curious that with all the emphasis on China in the last few years, and Chinese artists, that my first stop in Asia with my usual quest for art would take me to Indonesia, and NOT to China. Most definitely I will come again.

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