Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First night in Miami

I had jet lag so was up at 5 something in the morning yesterday. This didn't keep me from staying out until midnight though. I saw my friends, Don and Ivan, along with Angelina, Don's 4 year old daughter for dinner at El Rancho Grande. Whenever I come to Miami Beach this is the first place I go for dinner. I don't know why, but I like it there and that's how it's been for years now.

Ivan has a wonderful new pad on Indian Creek and 28th Street, two balconies with view all around. Lots of light. Huge. It's also unheard of what he's paying for it. NYC dwellers would cry.

Next I went to Casa Tua to meet my friend Alain. All through the restaurant and upstairs in the member's lounge the portraits of the artist Mark Seliger were installed. One of the staff introduced me to the artist upstairs.

Alain then took me to the party next to his house (an art collector) where he had been earlier. Everyone was there; i.e. everyone related to the art world that I'd seen around for years; Benedict and Lauren Taschen, Sam Keller, Marc Spiegler the new co-director of Art Basel, Emmanuel Perrotin, Kamel Mennour and many others. I ran into some friends from NYC; Stephan Walter and Rob Crabb, two handsome partners in crime. I put a picture of David Kaumann, the artist who designed the costumes on the girls, as well as one of my friends, Eric who looks so dapper in pink which matches the blog.

The performances of the girls along with those of the guys who played the violins to hip hop music were superb. Needless to say the art throughout the house was breathtaking; loved the Anish Kapoors, the Hirst medicine cabinet and I'm not sure but there was a light sculpture on the floor that looked down through a series of LEDs into a seemingly black hole by Yayoi Kusama?

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Unknown said...

My Gawd, it's become Burning Man.