Thursday, October 8, 2009

John Gorman Reading From Shades of Luz at Telephone Bar Next Monday

Reading by John Gorman from Shades of Luz
Monday October 12, 8 pm
Telephone Bar
149 2nd Avenue near 9th Street

Shades of Luz is a modern day Don Quixote, a picaresque rich in characters searching for love and meaning in an otherwise manic-paced world. Grad School dropout Benny Fluke goes from stuffed animal peddler to thumb-wrestling champ. He is a monkey trainer, philosopher, wine snob, and a strip club connoisseur. Above and beyond all that he is a romantic at heart and is desperate to win the love of Luz the hot-blooded, ambitious beauty who keeps boomeranging into his life. Something from Luz’s past inextricably bonds them together and Benny will not stop until she is his. Their delightful repartee is crisp, witty, and sumptuously engaging.

"A coming-of-age story that is refreshing to read because it is empty of dyfunctional types of characters."

Weam Namou, author of The Feminine Art and The Mismatched Braid

"Shades of Luz is a frantic, cockeyed search for love and meaning. This wonderfully odd story introduces us to a marvelously inventive universe with tough guys, loony broads, jazz-playing monkeys and surprises that can change lives."

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