Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miss Lily's! The Caribbean comes to NYC thanks to the ever ingenious SB

Having just returned from two months in the Caribbean, I really enjoyed SB's new place Miss Lily's. This week alone (I've been there 3 nights in a row! I love it so much) I've seen Salman Rushdie, Sting, Annie Liebowitz, and some arty types at the Caribbean joint. From the beautiful and friendly staff that greet you at the door, to the over the top, happy colors and vintage record decorations, the oh-so-good reggae and calypso music with a little American-Haitian Fuggis mixed in for good measure, and the soooo-fashionable-they-don't-need-to-be-dressed-well-crowd, this place is made to put you in a warm and sunny frame of mind. And the food! Well the chef and his staff get it right as every plate on the table was clean. Good luck guys, bringing the "flava" back to Manhattan :) 


Unknown said...

when is it open?? I've been trying to call- just get a busy signal. Stopped by Monday @ 6, doors locked. Dying to try it!

AustinScottBrooks said...

I was able to sneak into Miss Lily's recently, and what a treat it was! i opted for the curry goat and banana cream pudding. The food was phenomenal, the staff was friendly and the decor: funky, warm and inviting.