Friday, June 24, 2011

Basel Art Fairs

What can I say about Zurich and Basel? In Zurich my friend Jean Gid Lee's husband German artist Thomas Kiesewetter had a show in the home of the gallerist from Greider Contemporary.  On those previous links you can see the work. There were  parties, of course, and people people people, but lots of nature too; fish in the lake, in the rivers, and trees and sunlight when it was not gray.

Basel was AMAZING. For me the Messe of Art Basel was almost like second home as I lived 10 minutes away. Liste was like my living room where I met people for coffee, a glass of cava, or a sausage :)  as I stayed right around the corner from it. I did many dinners and parties and of course Kunsthalle for dancing but my camera's still broken so there are no pictures unfortunately, except these few from the Iphone.

"Eco gli due pazze" or something like that my friend texted me from his blackberry pic of us (me with Flavia) at Chez Donati the first night in Basel ;)

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