Friday, February 6, 2009

Kenny's opening in LIC at M55

If you're in LIC it's worth the walk to M55 to see my friend Kenneth Park in a group exhibition. He has several drawings and four paintings up and people are taking notice. The other artists in the show are his friends from FIT. Recently I've been noticing a lot of talk about artist run galleries. I love the idea of artists taking charge of the art world again; taking charge of their destiny and showing good work again, and not most of the garbage that has been shown, especially in Chelsea galleries, over the last few years, in an effort for the dealer to sell what they think is good in order to pay the rent. What they think however, is not necessarily what appeals to people's deeper sensibilities. Many a good artist in the boom days did not find gallery representation and that's because there was too much other stuff vying for people's attention. Now that stuff hopefully falls away and will let the good stuff rise to the top. For sure the upside to the downturn is that we all learn what we can and can't live without; a sort of cleansing or purge of all the sh*t we've accumulated over the years of excess.

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