Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Kin

My long ago guitar teacher, and soon to become a music legend, Thorry Koren, here performing with his brother, Isaac, in the band The Kin.

I've been going to yoga pretty regularly these days. One of them is at a friend's loft in Tribeca, for free, where one of our friends puts in her hours of training as a yoga teacher. After yoga we have dinner. Typically it's only women, but last week Kai had a friend in town so he joined us. It's a really fun, nurturing time. Now that we have regulars we get to know each other better too. I went to the Kin after one of these yoga/dinner nights last Thursday.

Thorry teaches singing as well as guitar playing and his form of teaching takes the shape of therapeutic sound. Through the voice, the body heals itself. Last Sunday at Jivamukti I did a class where chants were incorporated and it was pretty powerful stuff.

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