Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Night of the Inauguration

I'm sure there were lots of parties that night; the best one at the White House of course. I like that we have a handsome quasi-rockstar for a President. At least on the same page as most young people. And in fact, at least for now, he's been keeping his promises; putting into action things he said he would do if elected.e.g. closing Gitmo.

Here I'm at a Pepsi sponsored party at La Esquina. Tequila galore. I swear they should make that a prescription only drug. There were many cool people there, a couple art world stars too; Cecily Brown, Francesco Clemente. I asked him if he no longer showed at Gagosian. He laughed and said Good question. Soon. I look forward...

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Unknown said...

The girl in the black with the bangs looks like Natalie Portman.