Wednesday, January 6, 2010


"Sometimes you just want to retreat into a James Cameron movie and forget about the "real" world ;)" - Facebook post from a few days ago.

I saw this movie in Europe (without 3D goggles) and I still loved it. There was a discussion on facebook last week which I got involved in, unfortunately I think. Usually I never get into those silly discussions, but I was on vacation and had time. It's amazing the lowest common denominator people get down to in those discussions. I mean the lowest. After awhile I gave up but not before telling the loud mouth dumb asses just how dumb I thought they were. God knows it's no easy task to do anything, much less write, produce and direct a movie. And anyway, the question of what's art and not art is old already. If we are to judge by what's being sold as art in galleries and what's being written about in magazines etc., who the hell knows? And forget about commercialism. After all, we are in America and still a capitalist society.

Like I said on my facebook post, but substituting "tableau" for "a work of art"; "Le premier mérite d'un tableau est d'être une fête pour l'oeil"-Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863). Same applies to movies. For those out there who love beauty, who embrace the idea of alternate realities, of other worlds or dimensions, who value nature, spirituality and the unity between all things, this is a great movie to see.

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girlontape said...

what lovely writing Nico... dying to see this flick, kiss!! stef