Sunday, January 31, 2010

Boom Boom Room

Sometimes you just want to be one of the boys. Things might be easier, or so I think. Marc Jacobs was there on Friday in his wonderful all black caftan or skort, and Saturday was Hirst's little soiree after his End of an Era exhibition uptown. Though freezing outside it's nice when you have an "in" and can penetrate up into the fabled glass towers to look out over the whole of NYC.
Though the door can be painfully difficult for some to navigate, once you're inside the warmth is undeniable; not only warmth from the fireplace but also from the cute staff in their white dresses and the guys in brown but of course, the one and only Kamil.
And of course anyone is welcome to boom boom before 9, or rather 8.30pm when last call is made, and the doors close at 9 to reopen at 10...

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