Friday, January 15, 2010

Philippe Jacquet at Axelle Fine Arts

L'abri-cotier, 31½" x 31½". Courtesy of Axelle Fine Arts.

My friend Derrick H has been asking me to visit this gallery with him for ages. Finally I went yesterday because, coincidentally, someone else who knows the owner asked me to stop by an opening with him. I liked the work of this French artist named Philippe Jacquet. The prices are very reasonable and the gallery makes it easy for you to start collecting. The skill of this artist is apparent from the first view and what I like especially is that he seems a spiritual heir to Magritte.


girlontape said...

hmmm yes i like it too. magritte, exactly.

Dani said...

I saw his work in Boston this weekend and was drawn to it as well. When you say reasonable, what do you mean? I have to admit I was too afraid to ask.