Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Paris: Le Crazy Horse

Last night I went to Le Crazy Horse, a cabaret club that's existed since the 1950s. I've wanted to go for ages but all my young Parisian friends look down their noses and say it's "touristy". Who cares? I'm a tourist, and I loved it. I believe every girl has a Crazy Horse girl inside of her. She just has to be brave enough or crazy enough to let that girl out. I couldn't take pics during the performance but take my word for it, if you visit Paris, visit Le Crazy Horse. The title takes you to the website when you click on it.

Yesterday I arrived and I visited the galleries Perrotin. Monsieur Perrotin came out to meet me so I was very happy about this. He shows Bharti Kher in the main gallery on Rue Turenne and Mr. and Pharrel (the hip hop artist) in the 10 Impasse Saint Cloud gallery. I also went to Galerie Besseiche in Le Marais to pick up some books of Jean Miotte. The gallerist invited me to two events there this week.

After Crazy Horse I had dinner at a restaurant next door and today, it snows! It snowed for an hour or so and then it disappeared as fast as it appeared. I may go see my friend Nico today. He is working with his girlfriend at a flea market in La Bastille, rue des Archives. Nico's girlfriend has a vintage store in Paris and I love vintage!

I was on a plane for my birthday, on the way here. It is not the first time I travel on my birthday. About 5 years ago I was on a plane to LA. I like moving from one place to another on my birthday. The physical movement/change signifies a mental and physical movement forward to me, as I get older. I actually like to travel alone for my birthday. After all, I was born alone.

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