Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pipilotti Rist at Moma

Yesterday my friend Blanca, a curator and writer who knows video art inside out, invited me to Moma for the Pipilotti Rist opening. I was glad to see this new body of work which employed all the imagery of The Fall from the Garden of Eden; apples, naked feral red-headed woman, worms, crushed fruit, feet, dirt, flowers and water.

Psychedelic would fall far short of this experience of being enveloped in video. No drugs or alcohol necessary here. Swirling colors, textures, perfect close ups and camera angles draw the viewer into another world altogether. My friend Blanca counted 6 cameras, 2 for each wall.

There were some notable people there, well known and unfamiliar. Klaus Biesenbach, the curator of the show, was there with one of the Sex and the City stars. I saw an old friend Freidrich, a photographer.

I'm a little distracted and busy these days so I'm not writing a lot and substituting with pictures because tomorrow is my birthday and I go to Paris for a week. It's work related but I'm going to have fun too. Recently I've also been dealing with the opposing tendencies to 1) tell all, which is my nature and 2) to be discreet, which is the art world's nature. Even my boyfriend doesn't want me to write about him or post pictures of him on this blog (in case he runs for President of the United States?!?) From my ex boyfriend I learned that it's best to keep your mouth shut about what you're working on so that people don't get in the way. From my grandmother I learned that talking too much about something can release the energy so that the thing doesn't manifest, but then there's the other side of that theory which goes if you talk about it, write about it, get it out there, it will manifest...Anyway, I'm going to Paris and then to Miami and I hope a lot of good (work and fun) comes out of it.

My boyfriend has been giving me trouble because I'm going away for 2 weeks without him, but I try to explain to him that he's going after his dreams, getting backing for his company, doing what he wants to do, why shouldn't I do the same without having to feel guilty about it? And anyway, whenever he's going somewhere and I want to go, I get myself there. If he doesn't want to get a ticket for a weekend in Miami well then, that's his problem. Right?

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