Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sales Slump

I didn't go to the sale last night at Sotheby's though I had been to the preview brunch on Sunday. I went instead to the Haunch of Venison where Spring gave a tour of the AbEx exhibition for the members of the YA (Young Associates members) at the Chelsea Art Museum. I left early to check out the opening at Zwirner and Wirth where they featured some Minimalist and Conceptual work from the Lauff Collection. Then had dinner at Le Charlot across the street. Or maybe I should say, pigged out at Le Charlot across the street, as I had a huge plate of chicken and mashed potatoes after a clam chowder, then profiteroles (shared) for dessert, a bottle of wine and digestives. Those French feed you!
This weekend, except for the auction previews on Sunday, I stayed home. I missed the opening for Richard Prince for Gagosian on 24th Street. My friend who was there told me the place was packed wall to wall with celebrities. Two directors, from different galleries, had different reports about what the after party was like: "fun", "not fun at all". Go figure.
It was great to take time off and do nothing though. My monthly red tide was upon me so I needed all my energy just for that. Tonight I might go to Christie's though. Only standing room tickets but if I'm bored stiff I'll cut out and go eat artichoke and watch a movie with my boyfriend.
Today I had lunch at Cookshop with my lovely Russian friend Nataliya. She is super cool, super beautiful, and like me, loves art, travel and to eat good food. There were a few other people there from the art world; Max Protetch, Clarissa Dalrymple with a curator, I forget his name, but pretty well known, Stellan Holm and his French colleague, I forget her name...It's all so Chelsea! Yesterday I saw Patrick Seguin there and he reminded me to visit his exhibit of Richard Prince furniture in Paris. I will be there from the day after my birthday until 11/29 so I'll make a point of going there.


Unknown said...

Richard Prince's nurse hat chair is cute as boots. I loved the images of his furniture online, and the Lolita collection reminds me that I have an idea to kick around with you. It's not about porn.

Beez and Honey said...

Love your comments Ginger. So smart funny and always hits right on the nose! Can't wait to have you back! oxoxox