Sunday, April 5, 2009

Botanica Brooklyn

One of the owners of Botanica, Daniel, told me about his bar in Red Hook, Brooklyn, some time ago. I finally got there today because Joseph, the brother of Sunny and Joy, the twins, was spinning. We had to take the Ikea ferry to Brooklyn (free) and then walk about 5-10 mins but it was so worth it. A cute crowd, good music, excellent cocktails and the freedom to do what the hell you felt like. No one to say turn the music down, no one to say no dancing allowed, a truly old school New York freedom that was missing in Manhattan in the last decade and which now seems to be coming back to Manhattan, but which is definitely part of the Brooklyn (remote Brooklyn) scene.

Besides Sunny and Joy, there was another set of twins. Didn't get their names but there's a pic here.

Today was the first real spring day I felt. Everyone was out and happy and kissing in the streets. I'm going to get a bicycle to go around with I decided. Costs only $25 from a guy I know in the East Village; an old guy who is the super of a building on 3rd and Ave C. Cholo "refurbishes" old bikes and resells them. Makes sense what he said, "If it gets stolen, you won't lose anything." (Wink)

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girlontape said...

that's it if i ever make it back to my beloved big A i'm moving to red hook