Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photos from Modern Modern and Yayoi Kusama at Gagosian

Fun fun and more fun describes our opening the other night for modern modern. Pati Hertling curated the show and everyone seems to think she did a fabulous job. There was a great turn out at the museum, with Barbara Gladstone and Stefania Bortolami attending, along with Daniel Reich and some other dealers I hadn't seen there before.

At Gagosian, the usual suspects, but Mr. G was friendly to me and I was happy about it, and introduced Anne Herzog, the French artist I'm doing the exhibition with in Trinidad, to him. She is so innocent, doesn't even know who he is, what his gallery means for art sales. Some people at the opening at Gagosian, I was happy to over hear saying to each other: "Chelsea Art Museum. There's something happening there. We're going over." I heartily affirmed it and saw them later at the museum, where the bar was overwhelmed later in the night as there were so many people crowding into the galleries. The first photos here are of me with Dorothea, the founder of the museum, and some of my colleagues.

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