Friday, April 24, 2009

Last few days in Trinidad

There are most definitely challenges to working here in Trinidad, starting with a true divide between what is said and what is done, a sort of language barrier for me e.g. when someone says "I'll be right there, I'm two blocks away," I expect to see them soon, not a half hour or 45 minutes later...There are many other obstacles too, not the least of which is not getting a call back when you leave a message, or not getting an email that someone said would be sent.

On the upside it is such a warm sensual place where smart people can make fun and talk sexy and not offend anyone. And of course there's nature all around. One of the pics has an egret hanging out on the sidewalk in Woodbrook. Tomorrow, thank God, not a moment too soon, I'll be heading to Grande Riviere for the day. I'll spend the night and leave the following day to go to the airport. Plans for Tobago didn't work out and I'm glad as I was able to meet some people and do some things I hadn't had the chance to do before.

There are pics from an exhibition at Horizons Art Gallery and ones from More Vino where I went after. Girls danced on the bar for the birthday of someone, I'm not sure who, and there were tassa drummers.

The last few pics in this post relate to a presentation at Holy Name Convent where Alicia, a senior at UWI, did a film project with the students as part of her thesis. The others are at The Corner Bar, where I asked everyone to join me as I imagined this would be the last opportunity I had to be there before leaving. The bunnies were outside of Aura and 51 Degrees later that night.

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