Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend was a bit of a blur, but what I'm sure about is that I'm exhausted. Here are some pics from the 1 year old birthday of Salome, Stephan's and Kaiama's cute kid, and then some others from Nobu, where I met up with my partner, Christopher, and a couple of his friends. The one of the Asian dancer is Loan Tran, accountant by day, street dancer by weekend. She is apparently there every Saturday and Sunday on West Broadway outside of Cipriani's!

Saturday night I had a birthday dinner at Indochine (love that place!) where I knew people at 4 other tables...Crazy. Tony Shafrazi was there with Owen Wilson and some other Lebanese I knew were there as well as my friend Zubin Khan. It was a fun night with a limo and dancing till the sun came up.

Sunday I had brunch at a friend's house around the corner on Broome Street. Apparently the building is the one in which Heath Ledger o.ded. It was a fabulous apartment with 5 terraces. That alone should tell you how large, 3 terraces up top and 2 below. Gwendolyn invited me. She's in the pic with her friend on one of those terraces.

Sunday night I went to a "Trini" party where my friend Chris Deejayed. It was Colin "Soulboy" William's event, and for someone like me not familiar with the Trinidadian expat crowd, it was fun. Ashley Christmas, I swear that's his name, told me a lot of those people are in Trinidad for Carnival.

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