Friday, January 9, 2009

DJ Spooky and Stephen Sprouse LV Party

I didn't know about Stephen Sprouse until last night's party. Seems a tragically cool guy. Either way, his spirit surely permeated the punk, graffiti party last night at the Bowery Ballroom that Louis Vuitton hosted. The heir to LV was there, with a beautiful Asian woman that I've met before at Sotheby's. Our friend Olivier, one of the coolest of the cool French cats to move to NY recently, got us into the party. Lots of dancing and champagne. I had a blast!

It's fun to see fun coming back to NYC. Any correlation with harder economic times? Perhaps. Another wonderful thing I've noticed about nightlife is that the gay and straight worlds are mixing again. Gay guys certainly know how to amp up the fun!

Though it seemed a fashion party there were many art people there; MoMA curator Klaus Beisenbach, Deitch Gallery Director Nicola Vassel, Kihende Wiley the artist, Terence Koh - artist, Joe La Piana - artist, and a bunch of other people. Cross-dressers abound these days too and this wasn't so a few years ago at "straight" parties.

Someone said this was how it used to be before HIV, which devastated the gay population in the 80s and polarized the gay and straight worlds in NYC. Well, things are getting fun again here in NYC so I just might stick around!

Before the party I was at a dinner Robert Peter Miller threw for Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, who has an exhibition up at the Gallery right now.

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