Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So the day has come for them to leave. I say "them" because though we share a common humanity, I feel nothing else in common with the last administration of the US Government. Bush, Cheney, and the whole crew of military-minded, money pocket-lining, forest-plundering lot of them are leaving positions of power which I think it is safe to say they abused, and in so doing, abused the American people. But then again, we, the people, let them. By voting in large enough numbers America chose not once, but twice, for that administration.

Well, a new day is dawning. Obama talked about peace in his inaugural speech; that example may prove more effective than military action, in conflict. He spoke about empowering ourselves and working hard. He talked about the environment and the economy. He understands that it's not us and them, but that we are one; one people, one nation, one world, one planet, one universe. We are all connected in our common destiny as human and spiritual beings.

It must be a good omen that that US Airways jet landed safely on the Hudson River with all lives saved.

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