Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NYE: Serge Becker brings out the big guns!

I've known Serge Becker for several years and every year knowing him gets better. Perhaps it's like a marriage but not, because I'm sure some married women don't say "every year knowing him gets better"! He is a true bon vivant and I call him sometimes the Mayor of Nolita. Besides the wonderful nights of fun at Joe's Pub and La Esquina, he's now bringing us fun at Cafe Select. If you click the title it'll give you their site.

NYE Serge arranged a party for friends and family and what was billed as a potluck turned out to be a big goulash party, with food originating out of the Select kitchen. I was the only one who actually cooked and brought something (a shepherd's pie) but we ate and drank and danced until midnight, when soon after, Serge directed everyone to an address on Bond Street. Not knowing what to expect, we grabbed our bottles and dove in the car of our friend Kaiama, who happened to be wearing what we called "The Black Girl's Wig". One of the prerequisites of the party was that everyone wear a wig and Kai and I wore the same one!

Outside the address on Bond Street there was a crowd and a big beefy doorman but when Serge arrived we all piled in up the stairs to this frigidly cold empty loft with dj turntables set up. As people filed in the place warmed up, and the music sparked some intense dancing and debauchery not fit for words, but I'll let the pictures speak the rest.

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