Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year New Post: Flower Power

I feel like the first thing I should be thankful for in the New Year is surviving the Holiday Season. I don't like to sound like Scrooge but if I had kids perhaps all the running around and merry-making would make sense to me. As it is, it seems a colossal waste of time and money. Why wait for Dec 25 to give gifts anyway when there are 364 other days in the year in which one can do so?

All the brouhaha has me completely run down; and the cold weather doesn't help. I don't know how I survived 15 winters in America. The last few years I've been doing well getting away for several weeks at a time. Last year I went to St. Barts November and March, Trinidad in December/January and Senegal in February, so that kept me out of the cold and my spirits up. This year I've only been to Miami so far and can't wait for the one month in February when I will be in Trinidad for Carnival!

To perk up my immune system and state of mind I went to the herb store in the East Village called Flower Power Roots and Herbs. The link in the title will take you to their site. I used to like Angelica's Herbs on 1st Ave and 9th Street, but she closed and these girls are equally good though they did recommend two things which contraindicated each other and I had to go back and exchange one, so be careful to do your own research and read labels on tinctures!

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