Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Peter Doig's exhibition in NYC and the Plaza Hotel Suite

It's no use to put a link here because there's nothing on the websites of the galleries which show Doig's new work. Uptown at Michael Werner there are some pieces from the Tate Museum exhibition last year. Downtown there are also large and small works, but all new i.e. 2002-2008. Doig, apparently, doesn't produce a lot of work. He works slowly, and sometimes a work like Maracas, can take years to complete.

I met Doig a few years ago in Trinidad, where I was born. I had been given a gift to deliver to Chris Ofili on the birth of his first child, and not having his contact info but Doig's, I got in touch with him. The introduction came through Thomas Kiessewetter, and my girlfriend Jean Lee. Thomas had spent several weeks in Trinidad the year before and had hung out with the two artists on the island.

Doig seems to me a man very bright, very kind, and very fertile. Though he doesn't produce lots of work, he produces lots of children. I counted about six last time we met, but this time, the little baby boy was not there.

Other people at the opening included some Trinidadians, like artist Chae Lovelace, an architect named Jennifer, and Geoffrey Holder, a dancer, who lives in NYC. Geoffrey is the brother of Boscoe Holder, arguably one of Trinidad's most famous artists, now deceased.

I didn't take pics at the opening because it seemed too intrusive, but I took some at my friend's party at the Plaza Hotel. It was Elisa's birthday and they took a suite at the Plaza. Great views though the scene at the hotel lobby and bar seemed a bit subdued.


enigma5 said...

Some inaccuracies: Most of the work IS now shown in the links of the Michael Werner Gallery and Gavin Brown's Gallery. Doig has 5 children.

Only 2 pieces in the MW Gallery are from the Tate Show - the rest is new, in other words not exhubited before. The GB pieces are from the Tate Show and some are new.

Beez and Honey said...

Thank you.