Thursday, May 7, 2009

A tribute to Jasper. And Twitter is distracting...

I haven't seen a site so over-rated. If you are following more than 10 people at a time how can you keep up with all of their twittering? Hopefully some of them, like some of my 190 + following are not posting every single thing they do at every single minute of the day. Narcissism taken to an extreme is what I see it as.
Anyway, getting back to art according to the beez...

After AAF I went to Banks Violette's opening at Team Gallery. I love the name of that artist. And I love the gallery's name. Violette's sculptures are well known but there weren't many in this exhibition. I took a picture of the piece de resistance because recently someone I know died in a motorcycle accident. His name is Jasper and he was a friend of my friends Arnoud and Arthur. Motorcycle riders are people that love life, love adventure, and love risk. Death is a part of life, and I'm sure the transition must be as exciting as any high we experience on earth.

After Team Gallery I met up with my friend Terry for the opening at the Garden of Ono at the Gansevoort. There was an In Style Magazine party upstairs so we went there after. Georgina Chapman was there as well as three of her beautiful dresses on models. Georgina's partner, and fellow designer,Keren, I forget her last name, was also there. Marquesa is a line I love; they show every season at the Chelsea Art Museum where I work. When they show it's like living sculpture. Or art made livable; to live in; art made alive. If you click the link you'll get to Marchesa's site. Enjoy!

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