Monday, May 11, 2009

Miracle Garden Exhibition

Preeti Sodhi and James Woodward curated a brilliant exhibition in the Miracle Garden on 3rd Street between Avenue A and B. Anne Herzog had a drawing in the show. I loved all of the work, much more so than I could say for most of the galleries in Chelsea. There were artists like Caitlin Biskup, Maxim Jezek, Cara Chan, Maggie Godwin, Jayson Musson, Gretchen Vitamvas, Christopher Starbody, and a host of others, that sadly I have to leave unnamed.
Preeti said she wanted to do something for the community, not just for those who have access to works in institutions like galleries. We know how that usually ends up; in sales that may adorn somebody's home where few can share it, perhaps in the future if the art world deems it worthy it will be shown in a museum, or sad but true, it might end up in some collector's storage where nobody sees it.

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