Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday Night: Walpurgis Night

Gwen and her friend Alexis had a party at the Mark Murray Gallery. The text from the invite read: "The Viking Goddess (High Priestess Gwendolyn) and Czech Goddess (High Priestess Alexis) cordially invite you to celebrate 'Walpurgisnacht' on May 2nd at the Mark Murray Gallery.

Walpurgis Night is not Halloween. It is a traditional pagan holiday in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe that celebrates the arrival of spring. The name is attributed to a nun in the 8th century named Valborg who spoke out against sorcery. Valborg was canonized a Saint on May 1, 779 (1,230 years ago). Walpurgis Night honors Valborg's sainthood and the turning-tide in between seasons when the barrier between our world and the supernatural is easily crossed. The dead and chaotic spirits are said to walk among the living on this day! We will protect our guests by dressing in costume, hanging blessed sprigs of foliage and lighting candles around the gallery to keep evil at bay.

Just to be safe, we ask that you all kindly arrive with spirits (wine ideally) as an offering to the phantom hounds known to bedevil UES art galleries on this day."

From the Upper East Side I went downtown to meet Derrick at a Tribeca party on the West Side Highway. Beautiful night to be out.

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