Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paris, encore

Last night we did the tourist thing and went to Le Closerie des Lilas in Montparnasse. It was fun, with the three of us, and Eric, who the girls thought was so sweet. I forgot my camera so no pics, sorry.

It was funny because earlier in the day I had run into Peter Miller and his friend Debbie near L'Opera. I was in a taxi, returning to my apartment on rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, from an appointment with a French gentleman who had come to me at the museum one day, referred he said, by someone at the French Consulate. He has an artist's colony in the south west of France and would like to find a platform for showing his artists in galleries and museums.

Before that I had had lunch at Le Mediteranee, across from the theatre.

Jennifer and her cousin Viviana arrived the day before me so last night they were with me, and today too. We went to the flea market near rue de Bretagne and bought random stuff, looking longingly at the wonderful offering available for the home, if we were ready to arrange shipping...

Tomorrow we leave for Venice, and we're all super excited about it!

There was a wedding outside my apartment this morning and I took a couple pics of the chic Parisiens attending.

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